Kaylon Cleans UpThroughout Southwest Georgia, Perry Wellness Center peer Kaylon Holt is known for being the largest single collector of donation pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia. But Kaylon is more than a collector. An active peer at the center, Kaylon brings his can-do spirit to every learning experience and every opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the campus. 


Recently, Kaylon found himself gathering up discarded cigarette butts near the entry to the PWC classroom building, part of his effort to help keep the campus clean.


“I wish all of these cigarette butts were pop tops,” Kaylon opined. “There has got to be a positive use for these nasty things.”


If there is a way to turn them into something positive, Kaylon will find a way! Stay tuned this week for an update on his most recent, amazing milestone at the Ronald McDonald House.


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