Bird house paintingJust as homeowners often brighten their homes for spring with newly planted flowers and a fresh coat of paint, staff and peers of PWC are making their environment more cheerful. Even the smallest detail is being addressed as the campus of Perry Wellness Center continues to undergo its spring revitalization. 


Take our birdhouses, for example. Numerous birds inhabit the campus and are appreciated as representations of life, freedom, and bright color. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry thinks they deserve a welcoming environment. 


“We realize the importance of the birds and their color,” Stuart explains. “They are welcome to light in our trees and offer their own message of welcome to customers.” With a smile, the market’s biggest booster adds, “We may purchase simple birdhouses to sell at Happy Patch Market.”


Staff member Stephen Thompson is in the process of repainting each of the many birdhouses on campus, such as the bright periwinkle one, above, hanging in one of the gardens. 


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