Weeding spinachEducators talk about a “teachable moment” – a moment that naturally arises to share relevant information or even a life lesson. Sometimes the most simple task can lead to an important life lesson.

Perry Wellness Center staff member Randi Duncan recently took advantage of a teachable moment to share an important message with peer Jimmy Sellars. As they worked together on a bed of spinach – weeding and removing spent leaves in a planting box, Randi began to speak about the similarities between what they were doing and what people need to do in their own lives.

“We are only pruning this young spinach,” she explained to Jimmy. “By doing these old leaves through harvesting or plant care, we must learn to do this in our lives.  We need to cut out toxic relationships and increase mental nutrients from good ones. Plants need to be fed good food nutrients to live and grow. So do we. We need to discover more good in life to help us mature and have power to help others.”

As Jimmy focused his efforts on plant care, he also listened to Randi’s words, taking them to heart. “This simple action to take care of plants has taught me to focus on good people and good things,” told his companion. “This has been fun, talking with you and helping this plant to live and grow.”

A good mentor can leave lasting impressions through a few simple words. A mundane task such as gardening can provide the opportunity for profound change in individuals’ lives. Thanks, Randi and Jimmy, for reminding us!

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