Shredding truckFollowing the rules may not sound like the most “fun” part of operating a human services organization, but good rules make for better outcomes in people’s lives. Sometimes state and federal regulations bring their challenges. 

Operating regulations for Perry Wellness Center demand a commitment to close monitoring and documentation of peers’ progress, as well as to respect of their confidentiality. Any personal information that is not voluntarily shared by a peer must be all times. These responsibilities create mountains of paperwork that must then be stored or disposed of properly in order to ensure privacy.

Perry Wellness Center administration has worked out a system that solves the dilemma. In each office at the center, a locked deposit box is securely located. Provided by Columbus, Georgia’ River Mill Secure Shredding, the boxes safely house papers that are due for disposal. Every two weeks, a large recycling truck arrives from River Mill, as it makes its route throughout southwest Georgia.

While camera documentation oversees the process, the holding boxes are unlocked and rolled to the recycling truck, where they will be taken away for shredding and disposal.

“We have to be sure that all of these documents are properly handled from pick to shredding to storage,” explains Dwayne, a seven-year service representative with the Columbus operation. “This truck will hold some 45 larger collection totes to fill the modified truck.”

Keeping client information safe is worth the cost and effort!

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