Malinois and TomatoesIn the current heat wave, neither man nor beast wants to venture out for too much activity. That’s why David Flick arrived early in the morning to pick up some fresh tomatoes at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Accompanying him was his three-year-old Belgian Malinois, who rode in a crate in the bed of his pick-up truck. A beautiful dog, he greeted each passer-by with a flash of teeth and a hearty bark, as his master swiftly completed his errand.

(The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized shepherd dog that resembles a German Shepherd Dog. We learned everything about this handsome specimen but his name!)

Flick soon returned to the truck with his purchase of three large tomatoes and shared the story of his last visit to the market.

“The last time I came down here, I got some ‘’bread slice-sized’ tomatoes,” Flick related with a smile. “I was looking forward to my summer lunch. I put the tomatoes on a kitchen counter and turned my head. The dog jumped on the counter and devoured the tomatoes. He never asked for bread, mayonnaise, or bacon. But I plan to have these today for my own sandwich.”

He was interrupted by an eager bark. “It is hot for him, too,” Flick said. “He wants to go home and have lunch and water.” He vowed to keep his latest bag of tomatoes out of canine reach as he headed home for a summer BLT.

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