Mowing weatherThroughout our community, prayers for a quenching rain were answered over the weekend. While an increasing drought was feared, some locations were happy to report they had received over seven inches of rain.

Peers and staff of Perry Wellness Center were grateful for the reprieve. The large campus is covered with gardens and parks, and PWC’s community lifeline – the market – is dependent upon ample water for its blooming plants and growing produce. Staff and peer volunteers have combatted dry weather with frequent watering, but they are more than ready to set down their garden hoses and crank up lawn mowers.

“We work all day and into the evening to keep our inventory wet and alive,” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explained. “God saved us money and effort this weekend. We are all thankful.”

Peer Tyshaun Thomas wasted no time in offering to help cut the grass this week. Next on the agenda: pruning shears!

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