TreadmillRecently published medical research provides additional support to the importance of exercise for good
mental health. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association this month, over 2000 heart patients with symptoms of depression were followed for 30 months.

The patients were randomly assigned to either a group that provided routine care, or one that added aerobic exercise. At the end of the study, the exercise group was found to have a reduction in depressive symptoms, as well as a reduced risk of hospitalization and death.

The results of this study support previous findings with individuals without a history of heart failure. The lead researcher, James Blumenthal from Duke University Medical Center, noted: "It doesn't require intensive training... to derive benefits. We're talking about three, 30-minute sessions for an accumulated 90 minutes a week."

A 90-minute weekly commitment seems a reasonable price to pay for reduced mental and physical health risks. At Perry Wellness Center, our wellness activities include the use of treadmill, exercise bike, and other fitness machines, as well as organized sports activities. Have you found a way to spend your 90 minutes?

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