Jamaica 1 copyWhen people think of Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, they often think of fresh produce and blooming flowers. But peers at the center know that more than plants are grown here. More importantly, dreams are cultivated, and peer members are taught skills to bring their dreams to reality.

Jamaica Colbert is a perfect recent example. This 23-year-old young woman has been attending PWC for five years. To mark her fifth year with the program, Jamaica came up with the idea to take a trip to Atlanta with her fellow peers. Their goal? To visit the world-famous Georgia Aquarium. In a one-on-one session with certified peer specialist Kira Ramseur, Jamaica noted that she had really enjoyed the trips that peer groups took to local events, but that she would like to experience something even bigger. After listening to her ideas, staff members were on board and offered their assistance with planning, budgeting, and executing the project. After all, a goal without an action plan is still only a dream.

So Jamaica rolled up her sleeves and set to work on the project. Over the past month, she has focused on fundraising for the expensive trip. The two fundraisers that were decided upon were a car wash (held this past weekend) and a barbecue (with plates available this coming Saturday). Over the last few weeks, Jamaica has posted flyers all around town and sold tickets everywhere she has gone. Her hands-on approach has given other peers a greater sense of confidence, as she demonstrates that stepping out of one’s comfort zone can bring great things. 

Jamaica’s goal is to raise $3,300 for the trip. The support of our local community will go a long way to helping one peer’s dream come true. Your support will also demonstrate that other peers can fulfill their goals through planning and community involvement. Next time you purchase a hanging basket or a barbecue plate ticket at Perry Wellness Center, know that you are helping to sponsor peers’ dreams of recovery, inclusions, and success. Thank you!



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