Heather HornerOne of the words most frequently used to describe the campus of Perry Wellness Center is “colorful.” The bright hues of flowers, signage, and painted structures create a striking summer palette for visitors or passers-by.

Inside Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, ripe vegetables and fruit bring additional colors, along with flower baskets and greenery for sale. As one final touch, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers sits prominently at the checkout counter of the active market. Almost daily, an example of the available floral inventory is brightly on display.

“I have always been told that color and flower freshness will improve customer check-out,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “Why not bring a sample of this color to our checkout desk? It is like a ‘point of purchase’ suggestion at checkout.” Spoken like the son of parent who raised plants in a backyard greenhouse and sold them at the family service station – marketing is in his blood.

In the photo, market clerk Heather Horner displays a hybrid Canna Lily, a flower that can be seen throughout the market’s garden area. 

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