Love DiscussionAt Perry Wellness Center, a wide variety of information and discussion group provide opportunities for learning and personal growth. Some groups are fairly straightforward, and others are lively or humorous. One recent group created a space for thoughtful insights. It took its theme from a quote from American patriot Benjamin Franklin: “If you would be loved, love and be lovable.”

After the quote was introduced, group members were asked to comment on the significance of the quote. “We all want to be loved” was a comment that led to a discussion of possible actions that could prevent individuals from receiving love. 

To promote discussion a group leader said, “No matter how much we’re loved, we always want more. How can we be lovable? What does this mean? Should we try to be perfect? Should we act cute or helpless?”

The answer was NO. “Being lovable means that we act ourselves,” the group leader continued. “We let others get to know us. When others love us, we enjoy it. We tell them. We let them know that their love isn’t waste on us, that it’s important. We are lovable, and we are loved!”

As the group continued, peers and staff discussed other ways in which they could improve their lives. Given the hot weather, the discussion led to the importance of hydration and adequate water, as well as the need for protecting skin from direct sunlight. These comments served as a reminder that loving oneself is also important, including self-care and the desire to better oneself.

In the photo, peers enjoy group discussion on being both loving and lovable.

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