MonarchAmong all its other natural sights, the campus of Perry Wellness Center is frequently host to a large number of Monarch butterflies. With so many blooming flowers, it is no wonder that they make a point to visit.

The eastern North American monarch butterfly is notable for a southward late summer to autumn migration. During the migration, the butterflies cover thousands of miles. Probably the most familiar North American butterfly, the monarch has large wings that feature a black, white, and orange pattern.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is pleased to see this year’s monarchs, saying, “I suppose that Perry Wellness Center is on the migration route for these beautiful butterflies. I am happy they stop here and give us a variety of color and movement from flower to flower. We have several varieties that stop each day.”

In the photo, one colorful butterfly is captured enjoying the pollen of similarly colored blossoms in the gardens of Perry Wellness Center.

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