Heat WaveHeat advisories are in effect throughout Southwest Georgia, and peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center are aware of the dangers of the triple-digit heat. While the busy center never slows down, activities have been taken inside more fully in recent days.


There is no such thing as “down time” for peers, who continue to attend several groups each day. With less reliance upon outdoor activities, group facilitators have created a variety of groups to address diverse peer needs and interests.


PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry highlights one example: “We are trying to address the varied backgrounds of our peer population. As we discover these differences we are increasingly aware of our need to add problem resolution to our curriculum.”


Several peers enjoy exploring media and technology, so they have been researching equipment options. Peers, Patrick Pilcher --above, left – and Paul Dixon take a break to watch a movie on Paul’s new CD/DVD player. Having put his research to work, Paul notes, “I read the advertisement for this machine and walked to Walmart to buy one. I get the movies from different pawn shops.”

Meanwhile, with a forecast of cooler weather, peers are eager for fall temperatures to arrive.

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