Record Fire Drill

On a recent Monday morning at Perry Wellness Center, the normally scheduled Current Events group evolved into a Fire Safety practice drill. 

Staff member Brittany McCumber, CPS, reviewed the procedures and reminded participants about partnering to assist those with mobility needs. She reviewed the location of all exit doors and the safe gathering area outside the classroom building. (Rudy’s Happy Patch Market staff assumed their own safe places at the top of the hill.)

As the buzzer sounded, peers and staff began their orderly exit from the classroom building. The parking lot soon filled with the drill participants, as McCumber did a countdown.

After everyone had exited the building, she announced, “Good job! You all exceeded the state exit mandated time by three seconds. You were all out in 1:57 seconds!” She noted that this was the group’s best performance in three drills.

In the photo above, 58 safe peers await name call by staff member Jackie Teasley, CPS.

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