Lee County studentsRecently, Stuart Perry and the staff and peers of Perry Wellness Center welcomed 30 students from the Lee County Ninth Grade Campus. The two buses were early in their arrival, and the students and staff from the Lee County school stepped down the steps with smiles. As the guests exited their buses, many peers and staff personally greeted the visitors.

Rhonda Hubbard, lead peer guide for tours on the expansive campus, quickly approached the visitors and assisted in their wheelchair and other needs.

Hubbard then let the group up the hill to Rudy's Happy Patch Market. There they marveled at the tables covered with fresh tomatoes and the operation of the red barrel pea shelling machine. Market staff members then reviewed the product activity with the Lee County guests.

Before their mid-morning departure, Stuart Perry, CEO and founder of Perry Wellness Center, personally greeted the guests from Lee County with his special welcome: "We are glad to have you on our campus. I encourage all of you to realize that there are solutions for all of our problems. I like the tee shirts that you all have created, 'See the ABLE, not the Label'. We are all trying to help others.”

Before the visitors boarded their buses, they were shown the vegetable wagon that will be used extensively for fall markets and events. "We are proud of this vegetable truck that Jeff Williams designed and built,” Stuart enthused. β€œIt has been well received already, and I have more plans for promotion of Perry Wellness Center.”

Here the 33 students and staff from Lee County Ninth Grade Campus pose for a group picture of their visit to Perry Wellness Center.

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