Rural America ParadeAt an upcoming parade in nearby Marion County, look for none other than Ronald McDonald to make an appearance!

The cultural icon is actually Perry Wellness Center peer and major Ronald McDonald House donor Kaylon Holt. Kaylon recently made application to appear in the annual parade in downtown Buena Vista. He is in the process of gathering the needed gloves, red wig, and costume to appear as Ronald McDonald in the Rural America parade this fall.

We’ve followed Kaylon’s story over the past few years, as he raised money for the nonprofit Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, GA, through the donation of aluminum pop tops he has collected. Donations have poured in from individuals, schools, civic groups, and others impressed with Kaylon’s efforts on behalf of seriously ill children.

“I have had collection in three counties and 12 collection sites,” Kaylon notes. “I have now been given 2,000 tops from a teacher in Florida. I am happy with the progress of the project.” With over one million pop tops donated to date, that is Kaylon’s modest understatement.

In addition to his donation efforts, Kaylon finds time to be a peer leader on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. He also finds time to provide wheelchair assistance and other provisions for his friends in need.

In the photo above, Kaylon Holt completed the application to appear in the Rural America Parade.

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