Community OutreachAt a recent morning discussion group, Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry took time to praise peers and staff for their activities on behalf of mental health. Nowhere is their community interaction more evident than at the market.

“Because of the increasing activity at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, our peers and staff have stepped up their greeting of customers,” he noted. “Our market has worked to assure customers that individuals with mental illness are not a threat. Thank you all!”

Most people probably think of the market as a fund-raising activity for PWC. It certainly is, providing funds for activities and materials, as well as providing a direct income source for peers who sell their goods. But the market was established primarily to serve as a place for community and peer interactions in an effort to reduce stigma, help socialize peers, and create greater outreach. With the establishment of the mobile market, outreach has spread into surrounding communities as well.

During the group discussion, it was suggested that “thank you” cards might be designed and presented to all customers at Happy Patch Market. All peers agreed to the suggestion and Stuart applauded the plan.

Other community outreach activities include participation in area church activities, volunteer clean-up efforts, participation in community events such as parades and fairs, and collecting for community donations.

In the photo above, Stuart Perry expresses his appreciation to discussion group participants.

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