Food safetyEvery year, millions of people get ill from food poisoning. Symptoms of food-borne illnesses can resemble those of the flu, and can even lead to death. But following simple food shopping, preparation, and storage guidelines can protect against most food illnesses at home. 

This week at Perry Wellness Center, a morning group was held on food safety. A fact-filled video was first shown, followed by group discussion. Peers and staff volunteered personal practices that could cause illness and discussed the four steps to food safety, as outlined in the video.

They include:

KEEP THINGS CLEAN. Make sure that hands, cooking tools, counters, and food are rinsed before food preparation.

KEEP THINGS SEPARATE. Keep raw meats away from other foods when shopping, storing, and preparing.

KEEP THINGS HOT. Cook foods to safe temperatures and use a food thermometer.

KEEP THINGS COLD. Refrigerate foods within two hours after buying or cooking, and thaw in the fridge, in the microwave, or under cold water.

In the photo above, a room full of interested peers discusses the morning discussion group video.

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