Tremell TownsendIt’s been a busy few days at Perry Wellness Center, as peers and staff have enjoyed the activities of Spirit Week. Clever costumes, music, food and drink, and holiday decorations have brightened the days for many.

On Decade Day last Wednesday, one enterprising peer really caught everyone’s attention. Tremell Townsend wanted to express his appreciation of the 1980s by appearing to channel a popular singing group of that era. With a New Edition music video playing in the background, Terrell sang the words to the old hit, “Can You Stand the Rain?”

Tremell is a new peer and is often quiet, but the music brought out his enthusiasm. He gave a performance that was enjoyed by listeners and revealed a previously unknown talent. Perhaps it is time to start up a new peer choir at Perry Wellness?!

In the photo above, Tremell enjoys his first cup of coffee of the day as he prepares to bring back the 80s with some singing and dancing.

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