Meet Noah Cochran, an intern at Perry Wellness Center. A 25-year-old Thomaston native and student at Georgia Southwestern State University, Noah is studying psychology and English. He chose to complete an internship at PWC in order to have the opportunity to learn more about what it means to live with a mental disability or illness. Noah has found all that and more. "I like Perry Wellness Center, " he explains, "Because it not only helps people cope ... but it also gives people a sense of belonging and well-being."

At the center, Noah has been exposed to a variety of roles and tasks. You may find him facilitating a group discussion in the education center or shelling butterbeans at the Happy Patch market. Whatever his task, he sees personal contact with peer members as a vital part of the process. Although he appreciates the role of technology and social media in society, he also is dismayed at some of the loss of personal interaction that has resulted. In his words: "People need interaction with others. Facebook and other social media limit this contact and seem to cause some division in relationships when relied on too much."

Noah is slated to graduate from Georgia Southwestern in December. After that, he plans to pursue graduate work in counseling and social dynamics. We're happy to know he'll be working in the mental health field, as he has a lot to offer.

In the photo, Noah Cochran, at right, assists Grover Thornton at the market.

Noah Cochran

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