At last week’s Cheer Up the Blues open house, Santa and a team of Disney characters were the star attractions. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and other Walt Disney favorites greeted the crowd as each person arrived – the delight of children and parents alike.

When Santa Claus himself arrived in his Southern sleight – a brightly decorated golf cart, the excitement grew. As children shared Christmas lists with Santa, others enjoyed a buffet of finger food and hot drinks. Others traveled down the hill to the Perry Wellness Center cafeteria, where hot soup, chili, and cornbread awaited guests.

“The excitement grew as the Disney characters visited the crowd at Happy Patch Market,” Amanda Perry recalled. “The crowd met the characters in the parking lot before they arrived at the top to greet the crowd.”

Stuart Perry enthused, “I think we have found the key to greeting our young friends. This annualevent is becoming more popular each year. The weather was perfect and the spirit of the night could not have been better.”

He added, “We are certain that some of our visitors may have been a bit down with the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. We want to help our community as we help our peers.”

Peers, staff, children, young and old – everyone enjoyed the opportunity to Cheer Up the Blues once again.

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Mickey Minnie Cheer Up the Blues

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