New Years ResolutionsAt least 40% of Americans make new year’s resolutions, and peers at PWC joined in this tradition this week, sharing many personal resolutions for 2020. During this past Monday’s discussion groups, the topics included celebrating the new year, with an emphasis on looking for positive experiences. 

Some of the new year’s resolutions shared in the group discussion included the following:

1. I would like to get out of debt.

2. I would like to STOP SMOKING!

3. I would like to start drinking more water.

4. I would like to have improved health.

5. I would like to stop smoking and get a car.

6. I would like for the world to be at peace!

7. I would like to learn to read and write and count and do math.

8. I would like to learn more about taking responsibility and doing more time in choir.

9. I would like to save more money.

10. I would like to get my GED.

Many of these resolutions probably sound familiar to our readers. We wish each of you good luck with your own resolutions.

Happy New Year!

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