Assembly LineWe tend to think of an assembly line operating in factory settings, but Rudy’s Happy Patch Market staff and peers recently demonstrated the technique in recent preparations for the next plant selling season.

When the first of two trailer loads of fresh plants arrived at the market, folks sprang into action. The plants – primarily trees and bushes – needed to be off-loaded from the truck and then placed in separate locations. Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry monitored the delivery and encouraged participation by all.

The weather was cloudy, and a light drizzle began as an assembled chain of individuals began the off-loading process. However, speedy work was accomplished.

Stuart explained, “This as an ‘all involved’ project. We began with one plant placement by a single peer. Shortly after, a staff member set up the assembly line that allowed a quicker unloading.”

The truckload consisted of azaleas, camellias, boxwood, dogwoods, blueberries, and agapanthus. Other varieties of plants will be delivered later this week.

“The plants look great and will soon be ready for selection and planting by our supportive customers,” Stuart said. “I hope there will be many Snow Ball plants. They were our best seller last year, and we brought all we could.”

After unloading of the first load, Stuart invited the assembled to the cafeteria for Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee. After all, every assembly line needs coffee breaks!

In the photo above, Perry Wellness Center peers and staff line up to receive and pass plants heading for inventory at the spring market.

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