Hope Park RenovationStuart Perry’s love of the snowball plant goes back to his childhood, when his parents raised plants in a backyard greenhouse. Father Tom Perry took particular pride in offering the most colorful and healthy plants for sale to the public.

During the 2019 market season at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, the snowball plant was a best-seller. To showcase this popular plant variety, creative designer Jeff Williams, made some design changes in Hope Park, on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. 

“I wanted to raise the boundary wall around this park,” Jeff explains. “It will draw more interest to this area and provide ease for loading for our customers.” He is adding vertical standards to call attention to the snowball plants on display there.

In anticipation of the next market season, Stuart is already organizing a group of peers and staff to look at growth trends. He says, “We want to make this a learning effort for our interested peers.”

In the photo above, Jeff Williams is hard at work on the latest campus improvement project on the Perry Wellness Center campus.

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