Charlene Hayes 2020We’ve shone the spotlight on staff member Charlene Hayes, before. She is truly a member of the Perry Wellness Center family. The efforts of her late husband, Rudy Hayes, and herself helped set PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry on his way as a strong mental health advocate. 


Over 20 years ago, they accompanied him on his 1,000-mile Journey for Life, as he walked from Americus, Georgia, to the American Medical Association in Chicago. Along the way, he gathered signatures for a petition urging physicians to routinely screen patients for clinical depression. Rudy and Charlene Hayes were by his side, as Rudy documented the journey and expressed his own mental health advocacy. Charlene Hayes frequently joined them and celebrated with them when they reached their destination. Her husband later dedicated his book, “Journey for Life” to her “for her great help and support in this project.”


These days, Charlene Hayes is fulfilling her long-time career role as a registered nurse. At Perry Wellness Center, she provides a variety of education, treatment, and support for enrolled peers. She counsels peers who are in rehabilitation for drug or alcohol addiction and works with them in their recovery programs. She designs diet plans for peers, tailoring them to their specific needs, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension. For peers who have difficulty taking medication in a timely manner, she provides helpful oversight, ordering and administering their medication in order to prevent any negative consequences of noncompliance. She even makes home visits to identified peers.

Most importantly, Charlene Hayes continues to be a steadfast support for the mission of Perry Wellness Center, a friend to peers and staff alike, and an ongoing tribute to her husband’s legacy. Thanks for all you do, Mrs. Charlene!


In the photo above, Charlene Hayes, RN, provides medication to peer Doris Stafford.

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