Huge Space in New BuildingIt may feel like the walls are closing in around us these days, as many of us shelter in place at home, but Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is one person who is excited to see some walls closing in. As he watches each phase of construction of the center’s new classroom building, he has a better vision of the finished product.

Stuart admits that it has been difficult for him to back off and let the professionals do their work. He says, “I have always been told that there could be conflicts between a husband and wife with the construction of a new home. I did monitor the early construction days of this new building on our campus, but I soon learned that I needed to let these professionals do what they know how to do. They have been great throughout this building completion.”

Instead, Stuart has focused his energies of activity planning for the new building. The large, empty space is a blank slate for many ideas. Ever the coach, Stuart compares the echoing space to a sporting location.

“These completed walls do remind me of a basketball court,” he explains. “The building is gigantic, but I must remember that we have more important things to do in the future. We can play basketball in our areas adjacent to the building.”

Whatever the future, Stuart enjoys planning for it in these days of seeming uncertainty.

The photo above captures the size and scope of the newest building on the Perry Wellness Center campus. 

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