Blueberry boxesSince Rudy’s Happy Patch Market re-opened, we’ve enjoyed increased market activity. We particularly enjoy seeing our repeat customers. Many have been visiting the market so long that they know the delivery schedule better than we do!

On customer we spotted early this week was Janmie Wodzinski, who stopped by the market to check on fresh blueberries. 

“I like this place for the variety and prices that you have,” she explained. “While I am here, I will get four of these boxes. I know that fresh blueberries will be good to snack on or on cereal.”

In addition to blueberries, customers can find lettuce shelled peas, and other produce in the coolers, along with a variety of other fresh market goods laid out on tables and in bins.

And more is on the way! Stuart Perry promises, “We have all of our display refrigerators ready to be filled with fresh vegetables and berries. It will all be good.”

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