Monday market visitorsAs customers return to Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, we are taking a moment to highlight some of them, both new and longtime.

Last week, two newly relocated friends met at the market and stopped to chat with us. Returning customer Roberta Utter said, “I have been here to shop on several occasions. Each time I come, I see newer products. This place gives you a ‘feel good’ experience."


Gesturing to her friend, she continued, “I brought my friend Paula Martinez, with me. She is pleased with this market and will return. Like me, she says this place will make you leave with a smile. I think that is the slogan of Happy Patch Market!”

Yes, we like to say that smiles are our favorite item at the market. And they’re always free!

In the photo above, Paula Martinez, left, and Roberta Utter select the perfect watermelons to take home from Happy Patch.

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