Reopening CleanupAs Perry Wellness Center makes its careful moves toward its “new normal,” many careful steps continue to take place, with peer, staff, and visitor safety and comfort the highest priority. 

Readers know that Rudy’s Happy Patch Market re-opened several weeks ago, and that transition has gone well. The new classroom building has completed construction and is in the process of undergoing interior design and décor. When clients return, disruptive construction work will be done. Campus clean-up work is also taking place, as the soon to be re-opened center puts it best face on for visitors and Perry Wellness family alike.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains the sequence for re-opening: “As we return to some semblance of order at Perry Wellness Center, I realize the possible impact of staff movement on our campus. The new administrative and classroom building on the north end of our campus will welcome returning staff and ease most possible issues of the return (e.g., social distancing). To have the return of staff and keep the market running is also important.” 

While Stuart Perry is working hard for and easy transition of staff movement to the new building and the mandatory association changes at Perry Wellness Center, Stuart Perry also realized the need for best curb appeal and presentation of Happy Patch Market and the campus of Perry Wellness Center. 

Some peers have also made an appearance. In the photo above, longtime peers Kelvin Mullins, left, and Marcus Mitchell assist Stuart as the work on the large fountain display at the south campus entrance.

Slowly but surely, we’re getting there!

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