Monday Market ChatMonday is a prime time for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market customers to stop by to take advantage of the morning deliveries of local farmers. As always, market day is also a time to visit with friends and catch up.

This past Monday morning, local resident Dolly Hooks visited Happy Patch to shop and also to speak with her friend, Debbie, who happens to work at the market. Debbie is known for her smile, her radio voice (she also works at local radio station 98.7), and her difficult to spell last name – Bissallion.

While Dolly shopped and Debbie assisted, they caught up on recent activities. Dolly shared her excitement about returning to her classroom in Marion County, where she teaches high school math.

“I have only two years until retirement,” Dolly explained, “And I hope that I can enjoy these last years as I have my other years.” She added, “I will not ‘retire’ from working. I will find another avenue to share my people skills.”

In the photo above, two smiling friends, Dolly Hooks, left, and Debbie Bissallion, enjoy some commerce along with some catching up.

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