Red Shade ClothA good rule of thumb: when something works, duplicate it! Perry Wellness Center designer Jeff Williams is applying this rule to the installation of an additional shade cloth at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.

Several weeks ago, we shared with readers the installation of a nautical blue shade cloth on the southwest side of the market. It was designed to curb the effects of the bright afternoon sun. Feedback from customers told market staff that the action was appreciated.

This week finds Jeff tackling the installation of a bright red shade cloth – this time over the shopping area on the north side of the market.

Jeff explains, “We are all hot during this unforgiving summer in Southwest Georgia. When we hung first shade cloth at Happy Patch, we had no idea that customer reception would be so good. Now I am putting up a Georgia Red shade cloth at the market.”

Such actions benefit not only customers, but staff and peers who frequent the market. “We have the mental stress of the coronavirus, the uncertainty of our world, and the August heat,” Jeff points out. ”We must be sure to stay hydrated, slow down, and limit stress.” A jaunty stretch of red canvas may be just what the doctor ordered.

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