Live Laugh LoveAt Perry Wellness Center, three little words summarize what is wanted for peers, staff, and visitors to the center: “Live, Laugh, and Love.”

These words are found in colorfully painted letters in the midst of Hope Park, along with two other inspirational sayings: “With God all things are possible,” and “Those who wish to sing can always find a song.” These declarations of hope were inscribed by Hope Park designer Jeff Williams in a seating area nestled in the midst of the park. 

“After we moved the components and did the plumbing of that massive fountain in Hope Park, I had to search myself for life reminders,” Jeff explains. “I was tired and had to take a break, so I painted these sayings in the covered seating area.”

Between the coronavirus and the intense summer heat, fewer individuals have taken time to pause in the soothing park area and ponder the colorful sayings. As fall nears, we look forward to filling the seats again and enjoying a cooler, safer future for all.

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