Welcome LunchAnyone who knows Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry knows that he enjoys eating a good meal and talking – particularly a speech or prayer. When he can combine them, he is delighted. For example, at the annual Perry family Thanksgiving celebration, Stuart always begins the celebration with a blessing and thanks for all the goodness that has been given to family and friends. These blessings leave family members eager to eat the holiday dishes before they grow cold.

This week, Stuart was once again able to combine good food and good talk at a special Labor Day celebration lunch for peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center. He headed to get his covered plate of fish, hush puppies, French fries, coleslaw, and dessert. But he also stopped along the way to share greetings with everyone he passed, offering each a smiling comment.

As he dug into his meal, Stuart enthused, “I sure am glad (daughter) Amanda’s wedding is over. This meal will add inches to my stomach!”

As plates were served, peers and staff eagerly found their seats at the socially distanced tables and prepared to enjoy their special Labor Day celebration meal.

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