COVID door signsSince the arrival of COVID-19 on American soil, the need for sharing preventive health information has taken on critical importance, in order to slow and prevent the virus' spread. Before the advent of the virus, Perry Wellness Center was the site of helping staff and clients who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse. As a wellness program, PWC views the coronavirus as requiring one more level of concern and health safeguards on the growing peer campus. 

"Each of us at Perry Wellness Center realizes what a challenge we had before the virus. Now, we need to provide wellness information on the changing activities of the virus," said PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry.

Of late, additional cautions have been placed in areas of increased interaction between peers and staff. In the new classroom building, a sign has been added to some doors. This sign, titled BEFORE ENTERING, is a request to notify certified peer specialists before entering the office area.

The sign reads, “Please make sure CPS are aware that you are entering this office, so that CPS can make sure to MASK UP for EVERYONE's safety.We are NOT required to wear masks at our desk when not attending to peers. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to health and safety for all in attendance.” 

Here, Randi (Red) Duncan, CPS Staff Member, affixes a sign as a health reminder to all staff and peers. 

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