Peers Helping PeersIn this difficult year in many lives, peers at Perry Wellness Center are learning to balance the need to stay healthy with the desire to be with others. Most peers at the center have become adept the practice of social distancing. But they also enjoy opportunities to meet together for group wellness sessions, meals, sports, and other activities. Many times, their contact includes helping others out or checking on their personal health.

“In our group sessions, we try to mention caring and concern for peers and others in their personal lives,” explains Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “It is great to see peers opening doors for others, for example -- especially for peers who need assistance in their mobility.”

Peer sharing often occurs at lunchtime. Doris Stafford recently accepted some assistance from Chambliss Wiggins on their trip into lunch in the cafeteria. The brief dropping of her mask revealed a pleased smile.

Let’s continue to keep safe, even as we try to bring smiles to other faces.

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