CPS Goal DiscussionSetting goals and achieving successes are important to everyone’s good mental health. The staff at Perry Wellness Center recognize the need for setting and monitoring peer’s goals. After a peer sets personal goals, they are reviewed with staff on an ongoing basis and updated at least every six months.

With the new challenges of the day during the coronavirus pandemic, strategies must be closely addressed and often modified to ensure goal attainment.

“It is great that we have this time with peers and onsite staff,” says Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry. "For them to take time to communicate in person is critical.” He concludes, “They are doing well.”

After personal goal discussion with peers, staff group with other certified peer specialist staff to discuss any needed revisions. Certain community resources might not be as widely available or accessible at this time, for example, and brainstorming among staff provides welcome feedback. 

Staff member Evan Brown, CPS, explains, “We want to be sure that our thoughts are possible and seek team opinion before we report back to our assigned peer.”

In the photo above, Jason Frazier, Evan Brown, and Sarah Teal, all CPS staff members, troubleshoot about peers’ goals and strategies.

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