At PWC, our fall garden planting is in full swing. Due to the volume of support at the market, Stuart Perry has undertaken the challenge of providing year-round vegetables grown on site. In addition to providing "farm to table" produce in the truest sense of the word, fall gardening also provides healthy and productive work and volunteer opportunities for our peer members.

Our fall gardening endeavors started with tomatoes, which are always in demand. Stuart notes, "Tomatoes are quite popular for spring and winter. Rudy's Happy Patch Market [previously] obtained tomatoes from throughout South Georgia. They have sold well." In the past few weeks, almost 300 tomatoes plants have been prepared for growing.

But we're not stopping there. Our latest venture is onions. As spring and summer onions are very popular at the market, we're trying to extend the growing season. This past week, over 1800 onion sets were purchased. Each onion set must be place in a large plastic pot, filled with organic potting soil, then moved to an irrigation site.

After less than a third of the onions had been planted over the course of the previous day, some enterprising peer members went into hyper-drive, planting a total of 1300 onions in only 90 minutes! We now refer to this team as our official onion planting experts.

Thanks to Rodney Arnett, Daryl Carter, Justin Jones, and Grover Thornton, pictured here. Way to go!

Onion planting

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