Tree MessageThroughout the busy Christmas season, little details are sometimes lost or forgotten. At Perry Wellness Center, staff are making sure that Christmas trees do not suffer! With the purchase of a Frazier fir from Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, each customer receives a 3x5 card, attached to the tree. On one side of the card is information on the tree’s height, price, and care instructions.

The other side of the card carries an equally important message. A simple statement reflects an acknowledgement and appreciation of the customer’s support and a reminder of Perry Wellness Center’s mission in the community.  

As shown in the photo above, the card reads, “When you buy a fresh cut Christmas tree from Rudy’s Happy Patch, you are supporting Perry Wellness Center, helping to raise awareness for mental health and substance abuse recovery programs.”

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains, “Sales have been good, but we want to carry home with the customers an awareness of what we do here at Perry Wellness Center.”

Customers are asked to keep this message attached to the tree during the Christmas Center, to serve as a reminder of the behavioral health needs in their community and of their support of Perry Wellness Center.

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