Smartphone usageThe statistics are daunting: Approximately 56% of Americans own smartphones. Not just simple cell phones, but the full works that place the equivalent of a small computer in your hands. And not only is ownership at an all-time high. People are using these accessories constantly throughout the day. One recent estimate placed the number of swipe, clicks, and taps per person at 2,617 per day. High volume users may accumulate an average of 3.75 hours per day of screen time. Wow!

According to Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, such smartphone dependence is not unknown at the center. Stuart notes, “I know that our peers and staff are dependent on smartphone usage. For example, we depend on the phone for documenting data that we need for notes and event writings for peers.”

Peers also use smartphones for web browsing, calls and texts, game playing, music streaming, and learning activities. Many like to explore what other tasks their smartphones can perform and compare notes on the latest app.

Camry Clayton and Kenneth Christmas, pictured above, left to right, recently discussed their own smartphone usage and tips for getting the most out of their phones.

“We know that this phone will do a lot more,” Camry explained. “I mainly use mine to receive telephone calls and make contact with family and friends.”

Smartphones can definitely make our daily lives more efficient and enjoyable, with quick access to music, videos, audiobooks, calendars, photos, podcasts, games… The list goes on and on. Sometimes the most important tip we can learn is to frequently set our phones down and focus on communicating with the people right in front of us!

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