Bolden cleans kitchen“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” This saying first appeared in a 1778 church sermon by reformer John Wesley, but staying clean has never gone out of fashion. From a health perspective, it is more important than ever, as society copes with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. From taking temps to posting hand-washing reminders, Perry Wellness Center is staying observant about proper health hygiene, particularly as covid admission rates rise to their highest yet in area hospitals. 


Kitchen staff member Monica Bolden is one of many at the center who make cleaning part of their regular daily tasks. Each day, she makes sure that surfaces are frequently wiped down in food preparation and eating areas.


“I want to be sure that my neighbors and friends only get good food at these tables,” Monica explains. “I want them clean and welcoming.”


In the photo above, Monica Bolden completes the morning cleaning of surfaces, from tables to floors, in the PWC cafeteria.

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