Georgia Bulldog FanYesterday’s Super Bowl has us thinking about football. While everyone was rooting for their favorite professional football team last night, the teams most followed by South Georgia fans seem to be college teams in the Southeastern Conference.


One thing we’ve noticed about many peers and staff at Perry Wellness Center: they are big Georgia Bulldog fans. While most SEC college teams are popular, there is a certain pride in the “home” team that stands out.


James Barron is one such die-hard Bulldog fan. We saw him recently on campus at a lunchtime table, getting ready to dig into his hot lunch and sporting his favorite Georgia Bulldog hoodie.


“I do like the food at Perry Wellness Center,” James acknowledged. “I also like the Georgia Bulldogs. I wear this jersey on the coldest days. Whatever the weather, I will remain a Georgia Bulldog!”


In the photo above, James Barron enjoys a lasagna plate in the cafeteria, no doubt dreaming of future National Conference titles.

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