Kaylon Valentine AttireUsually, Kaylon Holt’s photo appears in our pages in connection with his tireless volunteer work on behalf of the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. When not collecting pop tops for donation, Kaylon finds time to dress well and takes pride in his appearance. Last Friday, as he headed into Valentine’s Day weekend, Kaylon appeared dressed in an outfit color-themed for the occasion, including suit, shirt, and tie. In addition to his debonair look, Kaylon displayed a candy-filled cane, given by staff member Kelly Jansen’s mother. Can’t blame a young man for having a sweet tooth!


Kaylon was immediately asked to pose for a photo to commemorate the occasion, but he had one reservation. “I cannot look my best with this mask,” he fretted. “Can I take it off?” After being told that his smile could still be seen in his eyes, he left the mask in place – and, of course, it was color-coordinated with his outfit.


In the final photo, above, Kaylon showed off his Valentine’s Day attire, while also proving that you CAN see the smile in his eyes.


To all our readers: next time you start to throw away a pop top from your soft drink can, remember this fashionable and dedicated young man and start a collection to donate to those in need.

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