New Market WagonsCustomers often dash into Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to pick up a couple of items for a specific purpose; e.g., fresh tomatoes for pasta or sandwiches, and perhaps grab a shopping basket. But other customers come in with the purposeful walk and long shopping lists of people who need more than a small basket. For them, the purchase of several new rolling carts/shopping wagons should make a difference.

“Customers have been buying larger and more from Happy Patch,” Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry explains. “We are pleased that we have enjoyed growth of customer orders. We have purchased more rolling carts to allow people to casually stroll throughout our greenhouses and fill their carts.”

After all, it’s only good “marketing” to make volume shopping a simpler process. We encourage folks to stop by, grab a basket or cart, and see new spring stock for the garden or porch.

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