MovingAt Perry Wellness Center, we promote healthy living and recovery—a lifestyle that is important 24 hours a day, not just when the center is open. The environment in which we live either can promote our mental health and recovery or cause it to suffer. However much benefit a peer member may receive during the day, he or she sometimes must return home to a neighborhood that is unsafe or drug-ridden.

Recently, Stuart Perry has tackled this problem by helping relocate several peers to safer neighborhoods. Stuart is constantly scouring the area for safer homes into which to move individuals who live in areas where drug activity or other criminal behavior is high. In Stuart's words, "We must seek to provide a better 24-hour atmosphere for our clients. When they leave the center, our people do not need to be confronted with any activity that might threaten their recovery progress."

In the past two months, Perry Wellness Center has been able to arrange relocations for five peers in our program, at no cost to the individuals. Peer members often help out with the moves, lending a hand or a strong back! 

In this photo, Stuart seeks assistance from Kelvin Mullins, Perry Duffie, Roderick Arnett, and Michael Harper.

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