Gardenia bloomRecently, a visitor who wishes to remain anonymous visited Rudy’s Happy Patch Market to shop for gardenia plants. Gardenias are a popular plant locally, but, luckily, he was able to choose from four remaining plants. He selected the plant with the most buds and took it home in hopes that it would thrive.


This gentleman is an avid plant lover and longtime customer. When asked why he selected a gardenia, he explained, “I have always loved their fragrance and brilliant white blooms. I cannot believe it took me so long to purchase one!”


He had also noted older gardenias growing in many South Georgia gardens. But what pushed him into the decision to plant gardenias was a neighbor’s gift bloom, brought to church on Sunday. Monday morning, he made his purchase. 


Reflecting on his neighbor’s gardenia, he noted, “Her bloom was perfect, and I hope that I can match that bloom in years to come.”


Postscript: We recently received a progress report from our mystery gardener. He tells us that after planting his gardenia and watering it with Miracle Grow spray liquid, he discovered its first opened bloom in four days.


“I guess that it’s a good year for growing this plant,” the enthused gentleman says. “I plan to purchase more!” 

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