During a regional town hall meeting this week, Perry Wellness Center received some much appreciated special recognition.

The meeting, co-sponsored by Georgia's Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities and the Carter Center, featured former First Lady Rosalynn Carter as co-host of the event. The focus of the event was the future of mental health services in Georgia.

When the discussion turned to best practices in mental health services, five providers in the multi-county Region 6 were recognized for their exemplary use of best practices. We're proud to report that one of these honorees was Stuart Perry, founder of Perry Wellness Center!

Those in attendance at the town hall learned about the Carter Center Mental Health Task Force preliminary report, "Building a Vision for Community Services for Children, Adolescents and Adults with Behavioral Health Disorders in Georgia." Later, work groups examined priorities for community services in the following areas: Children and Adolescent Issues, Adult and Older Adult Issues, Correctional Issues, and Policy and system Issues.

Carter Center Mental Health Program director Thomas Bornemann, Ed.D, commented on the importance of this particular town hall meeting: "West Central Georgia and Americus have an important place in the Carter Center's history, as our founder, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, got her start in mental health here. The community's outstanding response is very encouraging... We know we are making great progress and still have more work to do."

It's gratifying that Atlanta policymakers recognize the work that is being done in rural areas and how such programs can be a model for others.

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