Monday MorningsMornings are a bustling time at Perry Wellness Center. For many peers, the day begins early with pickup and delivery by one of the center’s transit vans. After arrival, many individuals take the time to mix with others, chat, and catch up on recent activities. The covered porch at the new classroom building has become a common meeting place for morning arrivals.


Finally, the voice on the speakers calls out, “Breakfast!” The day kicks into high gear, as most peers enjoy their first meal of the day. After breakfast, the first group session of the day is scheduled, along with one-on-one meet and greet time.


Monday mornings are the most challenging, as individuals must settle back into their weekly routine, while making time to catch up with each other on the previous weekend’s activities. Amazingly, the weekly routine quickly falls back into place. With chat and food time behind them, both peers and staff are ready to participate in the day’s full schedule of activities.


In the photo above, Patrick Pilcher enjoys Monday morning breakfast in the cafeteria.

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