Looking for MoldLongtime readers have seen Perry Wellness Center peer Tyshaun Thomas’ name and photo on the website on more than one occasion. That’s because Tyshaun is one of the most dedicated folks at the center. He is ready to volunteer for any task, always with a smile.


His latest task is by no means a glamorous one, but one that is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of the campus. With water hose in hand, Tyshaun visits all the shady areas of PWC in search of mold.


“We have a few places that never have sunshine and light,” Tyshaun explains. “I try to kill the mold where I discover the problem.”


Outside chores are Tyshaun’s favorites. He says, “I like to mow grass and do whatever is necessary to make Perry Wellness Center look good for our friends and customers who come on campus.”


The turning of each season brings a new set of outdoor maintenance tasks for Tyshaun. We appreciate both his dedication and his enthusiasm.


In the photo above, Tyshaun Thomas aims his blaster at a stubborn spot of sidewalk mold.

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