Commissioner Gary BlackAfter the recent visit to the Perry State Fair by several peer members and staff of Perry Wellness Center, there is much to share about the visit, including photos. Over the next few days, we’ll share information and pictures with our readers. Today, let’s focus on our fearless leader, PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry, and his latest advocacy opportunity.

We’ll begin by saying it was a great visit, and no one was more pleased than Stuart. He explained, “We try to do this each year, but last year the pandemic kept us home. Our peers had fun on their mind as we travelled to Perry for this year’s fair.”

Stuart headed immediately toward a building that housed prototype wooden structures. With additional future expansion in mind for the center, Stuart, accompanied by campus designer Jeff Williams, headed for the displays. As they entered the building filled with scale designs of structures, Stuart immediately recognized Georgia Agricultural Commissioner and U.S. Senate candidate Gary Black. Stuart later acknowledged that he began mentally rehearsing information he wanted to share with Commissioner Black when he spotted him. Stuart always proves that he is foremost a mental health advocate!

Stuart and Commissioner Black shared information about Perry Wellness Center and activities going on in the Commissioner’s work. Stuart was happy to share that Perry Wellness Center had recently received a state award as the Outstanding Mental Health Facility in Georgia for the third year in a row. As the two talked, the discussion focused on mental illness, and Stuart invited Commissioner Black to visit Perry Wellness Center. 

“We will give you good food!” Stuart joked. More seriously, he said, “You will see our growth in activities and structures as we broaden our program at Perry Wellness Center. You are invited anytime.” 

After leaving the group, a smiling Stuart noted, “I had no idea Commissioner Black was going to be here today. Our meeting and conversation were good.”

In the photo above, from left, Jeff Williams, Troy Boone, Commissioner Gary Black, and Stuart Perry share warm greetings as Stuart focuses on mental health awareness.

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