Facebook Live demoWe know that Halloween is technically over, but we’re still excited about all the activities that took place during our annual Spirit Week. Peers and staff enjoyed the traditional activities of the week, from a pumpkin decorating contest to daily themed costumes. The themes for each day were as follows:

Monday – Sports Team Day (dress like a member of your favorite team)

Tuesday – Dress Like Your Favorite Character in TV, Movies, or Books (like the title says!)

Wednesday –Wacky Tacky Day (wear something “tacky” or mismatched)

Thursday – Holiday Day (dress like your favorite holiday character)

Friday – Halloween Costume Day

The fun started on Monday. In a previous article on Spirit Week, we shared Kelly Jansen’s photo in his Georgia Bulldog costume and photos of decorated pumpkins about to be judged in the annual design contest. But one of the favorite events on Monday was the use of Facebook Live to track staff and peers who were at five different locations throughout Americus. This on-and-off-campus visual dialogue was appreciated by those who are learning newer internet and social media technology. Each morning during Spirit Week, staff and peers were able to share their themed costumes with others at different sites. 

Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry started the week on an optimistic note, saying, “As the week progresses, I am sure that the excitement will only increase. Monday is only the beginning of a fun week!”

Amanda Perry Campbell, daughter of Stuart and Pam Perry, was a major planner for the events of the week. Her thoughts: “This is a fun time for all. Daddy enjoyed the electronic sharing last year, so we brought it back again this year. We made similar contact with our peers for writing our daily notes.”

In the new classroom building, staff member Sarah Teale, above left, displays her screen capture of other peers with Rhonda Hubbard, who enjoys seeing them at other Americus locations.

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