Daylight Savings TimeEven in the best of times, unexpected changes can throw individuals into feelings of stress and chaos. Mental health issues can certainly compound these problems, as can living through the second year of a pandemic.  

So one might have expected some anxiety at this past Monday morning’s group meeting at Perry Wellness Center. It was the coldest morning of the year to date, and the semi-annual time change had occurred the day before. But surprisingly, the Monday morning group was on time and positive. 

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry observed, “I want to be sure that our peers and staff are warm and happy every Monday – and every day. The cooler weather and time change affected my attitude, and I’m sure that some of our peers looked for reason not to come to Perry Wellness Center on Monday.”

Peers eased into the day with group discussion and creativity time. In the photo above, Jeannette Williams finds a table in the new classroom building and starts her day with colored pens in hand.

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